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About ME

       I am a recent Masters graduate from the Pacific Northwest Film Scoring Program under the direction of two time, Emmy Award winning composer, Hummie Mann. Originally from Kansas, I have worked in various mediums such as orchestral concert music, film, video games, metal and rock music. My passion for writing came at an early age while learning guitar from my father and beginning my classical training on the viola.

       Currently working out of Seattle, Washington, I have scored several student directed films from around the country. I have also worked on multiple video games including Cheep Shot, from Global Game Jam 2018, and Cave Boy, one of the most popular games featured at iFest 2018. I have been recongnized for my audio work in video games and won Best in Audio at Seattle Indies Game Jam 2018 with the game Goodnight, Rowan.

       My writing style is inspired by the classical juggernauts such as Beethoven, Brahms, and Tchaikovsky but with modern influences including Mark Tremonti, Metallica, Howard Shore, and John Williams.  Maintaining high production value without compromising classical elements is a staple in my writing. With the ability to create unique, immersive soundscapes as well as emotional thematic material, I tackle every project with the idea of fully realizing the directors or development teams’ vision.