Upcoming Google Cardboard VR Game from Keil Over Games! Try to survive the cold void of space while your ship continues to malfunction and the AI keeps serving up sass! I am the Composer and Sound Designer on the project and it will be releasing soon! Click HERE for more Info!

Keyboard Kommander.jpg

Keyboard Kommander

Keyboard Kommander is a fast-paced action-packed typing game in which the player must fight off a horde of post apocalyptic Zombies and Mutants in order to defend his or her fort. I will be working as Head of the Audio Department, Sound Designer, and Music Composer.


Previous Works

Else Return Home.png

Else Return Home;

Play as Sen-D, a robot in a post-apocalyptic world trying to find out what home is. Winner of best use of color at Global Game Jam 2019 at Pacific Science Center in Seattle, WA. Click HERE to play!

Goodnight, Rowan.png

Goodnight, Rowan

An oddly emotional and calming game from Seattle Indies Game Jam 2018 that won Best in Audio! Check it out HERE!



Short Film from Director, John Campos. A lighthearted, family drama about a man and his potato garden. Co-composed with Damian Martin and Makenna Carrico.

Cave Boy.png

Cave Boy

Student Video Game about a Cave Man lost in time, fighting for his home against the evils of industry. One of iFest 2018's most played games! Check it out HERE!

Cheep Shot Menu.png

Cheep Shot

Fun tile based game from Global Game Jam 2018 that creates massive amounts of chaos as you try to destroy your fellow bird soldiers! Check it out HERE!

jap 1.jpg


Short Student Film from Director, Long Tran. A narrative that reexamines the Japanese Internment and frames this known history into a modern-day context as it pertains to interracial relationships and Asian masculinity. Co-Composed with Anton du Preez.

Sticky Fingers.jpg

Sticky Fingers

Short Student Film from Directors, Emma Daily, Victoria Canicosa-Miles, and Maia Goel. A short that tells the story of a young girl struggling with absentee parents and a brother who is leading her down a darker path. Co-Composed with Damian Martin and Qichaoran Shang

The Elephant in the Room.jpg

The Elephant in the Room

Short Student Film from Director, Jason Cox. This film is about an office worker who just doesn't fit in and of his struggles with individuality. Co-Composed with David Deutsch, Anton du Preez, Sandrine Rudaz, Tyler Rydosz, Jacob Motl, and Gabrielle Helfer.